Marketing and sales consultancy

- Branding and Marketing Consultancy Services in Ethiopia –

Many Start-ups, Small Businesses and Corporations are struggling to ensure that their brand messaging is coordinated and consistent across various offline and online marketing channels they are engaged in. Through our consultancy service we provide a blueprint that will give you a cohesive look across all online and offline channels. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure that the final product is what you have envisioned.

Our Service will help you create and execute a branding and marketing strategy that delivers the Right first impression and a lasting appeal. When brought together, both our online and offline branding & marketing service will offer an integrated marketing and communication solution that results in better exposure for your company, brand, products, and services.


What we do

Marketing & Sales Consultancy
Ayat Homes Sales
Coffee Oil & Pulse seed export
Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemicals Import
Any Sales and Promotion activites


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